Beats by K.M.E

Has beats that can help you take your music career to the next level and get the attention that your music career deserve. He can Produce so many different geners, Hip hop beats, Trap beats, west coast beats, R&b beats and Trap soul beats ….

Mixing and Mastering


Are you a inspired artists that want people to take your music career Seriously?
Without mixing and mastering you are limiting your song potential, your musical talent is not  being put in the  front  of your listeners.

I will master Your Song, Beat Or Audio 

to give your song the attention it deserve.

                         Mixing and Mastering







Description Master your song Mix and master (beat only) Mix and master full song
High Quality file           YES                               YES                  YES
Master audio            YES YES YES
Mixing              No YES                   YES
Songs included 1                        1                      1
Revision 2                        3                      5
 Delivery time 1 days                   2 days                   3 days

Song Mixing and mastering

I am a Music producer( Beats by K.M.E / Rap artist, I have mixed and mastered countless of beats and song to high Quality.

For $5.46  I can master your track with the mix you provide. Only rap song currently 

MP3 and Wav files only are accepted

What Your Master Will Get:

  • Customized EQ (to add clarity and punch)
  • Stereo Widening
  • Commercial Standard Volume Level
  • Strategic Compression (to add energy)  
  • A Unique Master based on your song (No Presets are ever used)
  • High Quality WAV and MP3 File
  • Harmonic Exciter
  • Warm Saturation 
  • Dynamic Automation 
  • Gain Enhancements

I will not charge extra for a WAV file.
I am proving a service to you that cost hundreds, I hope you can appreciate that.


                                                       F.A. Q


What is mastering

Mastering is the final production step just before CD replication or online publishing. It enhances the sound by processing the mix with subtle adjustments to EQ, carefully applying multiband compression and limiting, as well as other effects. I can provide more details if needed send me a message.


Other people are mastering songs in 15 mins. Do you?

Unfortunately I don’t. If a great mix is provided it will definitely shorten the time but if someone is mastering your song in a very short time 9/10 they are using presets on your track. 






Here are some of the songs I mixted and mastered